Standard Terms & Conditions           

Pricing shall be stated date of purchase and is not subject to change without written consent. No fees, taxes or charges shall be imposed thereafter the manufacture or delivery of such.

Changes to orders may be made by Buyer/Seller in written notification only. This may or may not include product design, pricing, delivery, method of shipping and/or packaging.

Inspection and Acceptance of goods being supplied is subject to the discretion of ADG Quality requirements and the imposed standards. Rejected goods will be returned at the Seller's expense. The Seller shall likewise notify ADG of any discrepancies found prior or post shipment of such goods.

Cancellation may be executed by Buyer/Seller in whole or part by written notification only. If Seller is for any reason unable to meet order requirements, Buyer may elect to cancel the order in its entirety at no cost to either party. Any disputes arising from such action will be subject to local laws and jurisdiction.

Seller warrants goods sold to ADG conform to applicable standards and specifications. Materials shall be free of defect and in good workmanship.

Seller shall comply with applicable Federal, State and local laws, regulations and ordinances during the performance of the order.


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